Photos | Invader Continues Space Invasion

After taking his own work up to space and living up to his moniker, Invader has recently expanded his activities to spread his work further along similar lines. Not only has the French street artist put up his signature tiled mosaics up at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne and Euro Space Center in Belgium […]

Video | Fugue THT (Boston Graffiti)

FUGUE is one of the up-most and destructive forces in the Boston graffiti scene. His work can be found all over the city’s numerous neighborhoods with everything from rooftop pieces, street level fill-ins and tracksides and on every line of Boston’s public transit. Representing Boston’s THT crew, FUGUE is the undeniable driving force behind Boston’s […]

Video | Neoks “VS” Princess Violet

The Versus project has once again fallen into Argentinian hands. While visiting Barcelona, Neoks took the challenge of pairing with one color only and his choice was “Violeta Princesa” (Princess Violet). Size and devotion are the tools which this Argentinian writer uses to show us what he can do through his quite personal and peculiar […]

Photos | Graffiti Artist Grominator Invades Vancouver

Grominator spent some time in Vancouver and while he was here the spray paint master tagged a few select locations in the city with his hyper-stylized “Grominate” characters. The feature image in the article features a collaboration with Vancouver street artist iHeart. The tag has now been painted over. It is not known at this […]

Photos | “Faust” Draws Calligraphic Messages on Snow-Covered Cars in New York City

For the last few years NYC-based graffiti artist Faust has been putting everyone’s handwriting to shame with these impromptu notes drawn on snow-covered vehicles around the city. Faust is known worldwide for his fusion of classical calligraphy with contemporary graffiti in murals and other art projects. You can follow him on Instagram and see several […]

Photos | “Wind”

Some of you may remember our post from about a year ago, when we shared a few walls that our friend, “Wind” had painted in 2014. A year later, we check in with in with Wind, and as you can see, he’s really refined his 3D style, and continues to push the limits of his […]

Magazine | Bizarre Beyond Belief – Issue 17

The seventeenth installment of Bizarre Beyond Belief contains interviews and image features from Tags & Throws, Dulk, Ella & Pitr, Steam156, Swet, Okuda, Felipe Pantone, Adnate, Dems and Fintan Magee. Click the image above or HERE to read the entire issue for free!