Sneak’s March 2016 Ottawa/Gatineau Graffiti Update | Part 1

Well, the snow is finally melting away. Seeing as that it’s nearly the end of the month, this will be the only local (Ottawa/Gatineau) photo post for March. We’ll be sure to make up for it in the coming updates, I promise. This update has a number of stitched panoramic photos I’ve been meaning to […]

Bench Report

It seems like forever and a minute, but I was able to get out with a rail fan buddy of mine to snap some pics.  There isn’t much for rolling stock in our parts these days, but we were able to catch a few different lines.   For me it was nice to get out […]

Video | Freight Train Graffiti Benching (Sept – Dec 2015)

A new update from one of KeepSix.Com’s favorite benchers, Impulsive Wandering. He’s back in 2016 with a new benching video with footage from September to December 2015. 7 Minutes of well shot, quality (no filler) rolling stock, and a few whole cars for good measure. Be sure to check out ImpulsiveWandering’s Instagram: @impulsivewandering If you […]