Video | Royal Trip – A History of Graff

It is a video report that shows the process of 5 walls along more than 3000 kilometers driven from Madrid to Orpund (Switzerland) where the festival Hip Hop International, Royal Arena leads. To reach their goal, the spanish writers, Alber & Ysen, stopped in different cities along the trip: Barcelona, Montpellier Lyon and finally Biel. […]

Mural | El Mac and Kofie collaborate in LA

El Mac is back in California where he just finished on a new collaboration with Kofie. Painting on the streets of Los Angeles, the American duo quickly worked their way through this beautiful and vibrant piece which is now featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery. Originally Posted over at Street Art News

Article | Graffiti punks from abroad target Seoul’s subway

Graffiti reading “FEDUP” is left on a Line No. 6 subway train at Anam Station on Feb. 4 by four Australian graffiti artists. The unidentified vandals spent 10 days in Korea. Provided by Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation On Feb. 2, four Australians in baseball caps and hoodies appeared around Wangsimni Station, eastern Seoul, at […]

Photos & Video | A Closer Look at the Decaying Loew’s Canal Theatre

“When you first walk in, it was dark as fuck,” says 2ESAE. “And then when we finally found the lights, that’s when the whole place opened up,” SKI finishes. They are describing the abandoned Loew’s Canal Theatre, which they snuck into under the cover of darkness one night in February. Built in the the early […]

Article | Slain Barrhaven teen Michael Swan memorialized in graffiti

Article Written by Gary Dimmock of the Ottawa Citizen Graffiti artist Drone and his girlfriend worked for 10 nights to create this tribute to slain Barrhaven teen Michael Swan. Under the bridge on Highway 416, where it crosses the Jock River in Barrhaven, graffiti artist Drone and his girlfriend worked under cover of darkness for […]