Video | Freight Train Graffiti Benching (June – October 2015)

A new update from one of KeepSix.Com’s favorite benchers, Impulsive Wandering. After a short hiatus, he’s back with another new benching video with footage from June – October 2015. Be sure to check out ImpulsiveWandering’s Instagram: @impulsivewandering If you liked this post, be sure to check out past Impulsive Wandering Videos: Video | Freight Train […]

Graffiti DVD | Nothing Special (Aper VC,TRG)

APER just launched his new clean-train graffiti DVD called “Nothing Special”. If you’re aware of this man’s work, you already know this DVD is action packed with crazy commuter train footage! The DVD features footage compiled from the last 5 years as APER travels around the world painting various commuter systems. Check out the trailer […]

Podcast | Legends Thursdays: The GKAE Interview

GKAE hardly needs an introduction, but here’s a quick summary for the uninitiated. He joined MSK in the early 90’s before getting put down in AWR, and became one of the most active bombers on the West coast, hitting street spots from L.A. to Seattle. GKAE caught one of the biggest graffiti cases of the […]

Photos | House of PainT Jam 2015 – Event Photos

Here are about 30 photos from the 12th annual House of PainT event from this past weekend in Ottawa, Ontario. From the looks of things, it was another success. Breakdancing, Graffiti, Music, Food, and most of all – good times. A big shout-out to all the event organizers, and to all the volunteers that put […]