Article | Train Surfing and Graffiti Subcultures Still Exist in Melbourne (Australia)

MelBourne1 "IT WAS all about fame, danger and drama.” So said a former graffiti writer and artist when the Herald Sun interviewed him for an expose on the graffiti and train-surfing subculture. That expose was published nearly 20 years ago, but it seems the themes and philosophies it uncovered still exist among those who continue to play the dangerous game today. The commission of graffiti attacks and train surfing was a booming subculture that originated in America and Europe and, inevitably, became a popular way of life for some in Australia. On the back of other US trends that influenced Aussie youth, the graffiti and train-surfing scene became a booming subculture, particularly during the 1990s. While the scene does not thrive as it once did, some Aussie teens of today are still clinging to the days of old — spray painting “pieces” on walls, scribbling their “tags” on trains and surfing the railway network. MelBourne2MelBourne3 READ THE FULL ARTICLE (and more photos) HERE at Herald Sun

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