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Senses Lost recently caught up with the Calgary-based graffiti artist Grominate to do an interview. In the interview he talks about how he first started doing graffiti and what inspires him to create his elaborate characters. Read the full interview below.

Who are you and what do you do?

Grominate & Graffiti Art.

How long have you been doing graffiti for?

Almost 6 years.

What was your influence to start doing graffiti?

A buddy that wrote Mayk tried getting me to come out taggin with him but I thought graffiti was stupid and at that point and didnt want to go. Some time after I decided to go and found that tagging was really fun… and thats when it all started.

How would you describe the graffiti scene in Calgary?

The graffiti gets buffed so quickly that its almost impossible to have ups for more than 2 weeks. Pointless to waste your paint anywhere other then where the public can’t see. A lot of sick writers but the bombing scene lacks. Calgary has some of the sickest styles in Canada imo…. it has its own style…. Voltron is the biggest well recognized crew here …. Phere, Caso, Bayse, Bolr, Vohs, Sleize, Conz, Deth, Melt, Noem are peeps i’ve looked up too over the years…… just to name a few still doing their thing.

You like to paint a lot of characters, do you come up with them on the spot when you’re painting them?

90% freestyle. Sometimes I bring a reference or unless I have a really good idea that needs to be put down on paper first.

What’s your inspiration for your characters?

Bolr has always inspired my work since I first started noticing his stuff around. I was doing some dumb cartoony stuff until I stumbled upon his drawings. They really inspired me to step up my game and do some sick shit like him. He has always been the root of my inspiration for graffiti, characters, paintings …. oh and Musal’s character’s really got me into the character game… love his work.

How would you describe your style of graffiti?


Who’s art inspires you?

People like Takashi Murakami. When I first discovered his work I was completely fascinated! His stuff is mind blowing I definetly recommend checking him out if you haven’t before. The way he uses his color and the amount of stuff he puts into just one painting and how clean and the amount of stuff he does is insanely inspiring to see. Hopefully one day I can be in the ranks. His work has changed the way I look at doing art.

Do you have any chase stories you can share with us?

One really drunk night I decided to go out bombing. As soon as my night started I was throwing up a free Bolr rep and half way through an undercover spotted me doing it and I instantly starting dipping up a hill. The car starting chasing me and I tried jumping up this massive fence and missed and fell back and tried three more times to get up it and failed and turned around and the cop was running directly at me. so I ran directly at him dodged him booked down the hill into the road almost tripped infront of a car outran the cop and peaced through peoples yards and chilled under a bridge for like 30 minutes until the hawk stopped looking and went home …… there’s been really bad ones… but this is the only one where i had to deak out a pig and almost hit by a car.

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve seen or experienced while out painting?

Hearing a guy flip his car ten times hammered beside the yard. Going to the crash site and thinking the dudes dead…. he crawls out of the wreckage super wasted without a scratch…. called an ambulance and went back to painting.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Bigger, better, more creative work.

Do you have any last words to share with the Senses Lost readers?

If you got something original or unique to show …. run with it.

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