R.I.P. “Nekst”

Another prominent member of our culture has left us too soon. Nekst was the type of writer I would like to be if I were still active today. He like too few others kept the spirit of bombing alive in the almost forgotten rebellious , balls to the wall, illegal fashion that the culture was founded on. He went hard for big prominent spots in multiple cities. His work was big and clean and had great impact. He was a loyal stand-up guy to his friends. He was loved by those who knew him and his untimely passing leaves a mountain of grief to those lucky enough to have painted with him or been his friend. My condolences to his brother, extended family, friends and fellow crew members. Text and Photo: Terror 161 Check here for a recent interview with Nekst by "1xRun" (Scroll down the page to read the interview) Another (Scanned) interview can be read here - Page 1 & Page 2 Below are some more examples of Nekst’s work found on the internet… For more photos of Nekst's work, please refer to the RIP thread on 12oz - Here. Or simply go on Flickr and search "Nekst", and you're bound to see a bunch of his work. Source: 12oz Prophet

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