Video: Tracing Skylines – Detroit

Spotted over at 12oz Prophet Urban Skiing in abandoned Detroit buildings - schools, warehouses, etc.  Pretty interesting video.  Truckloads of snow, bungee cords, and graffiti all around - check it out: This footage of urban skiing in Detroit is a part from the new video Tracing Skylines, presented by Red Bull Media House in association with Poor Boyz Productions. Karl Fostvedt, Khai Krepela, Max Morello, and crew gather lots of pallets, cinder blocks, and other materials found at each spot, allowing them to build some massive jumps. This type of guerilla terrain building would only be possible in the urban decay of Detroit, and this is another instance of harnessing the decay to produce at a world class level. The full film includes parts from Sean Pettit in British Columbia, Seth Morrison in Alaska, Julien Regnier in Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland, and Bobby Brown. Purchase the film at Poor Boyz Productions and get hyped up for the winter season. This part is filmed by Cody Carter, Jonny Durst, and Japser Newton and edited by Cody Carter and Jonny Durst.

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