The Early Days: Bombing Science | #graffiti #streetart

Untitled-1As most writers know, Bombing Science has put in alot of hard work over the years developing a world class website and online shop.  We at Keepsix have been patrons since the beginning, and would like to pay a little homage by displaying some of the previous version of the site and a few photos we've managed to salvage.   If you're looking for graffiti gear check them out by going through the Keepsix BSCI click through link on our main page.   bsci bsci2 bsci3 21rak1freight bsci heremauve1 muchmberfreight penherecemzjunexideresetjn pure1freight sinofraisefreight45lies1 article1 case3 evoke EYESCREAMliesviau missvantobincb prodahcerastrobern prodcbt1 proddabscemzhereviau productmoronsbcb prodtadelst prodLadyvRIP prodfatsodabs proddyskeliesviauzenbern2 stare6 stare2 stare(india) Seketautre

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