Photos | Summer Burners In Brooklyn

The ever changing legal walls on Siegel and White Streets — along the often disputed borders of Bushwick and Williamsburg in Brooklyn — have undergone another round of painting, featuring elaborate new burners by graffiti artists VOR, SEBS, EWOK, GIZ, DUEL, and LOGEK, among others. This latest round of work was sponsored by Evolve spray paint. (Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork) Brooklyn_Burners_0 Brooklyn_Burners_1 Brooklyn_Burners_2 Brooklyn_Burners_3 Brooklyn_Burners_4 Brooklyn_Burners_5 Brooklyn_Burners_6 Brooklyn_Burners_7 Brooklyn_Burners_8 Brooklyn_Burners_9 Brooklyn_Burners_10 Brooklyn_Burners_11 Brooklyn_Burners_12 Brooklyn_Burners_13 Brooklyn_Burners_14 Brooklyn_Burners_15 Brooklyn_Burners_16

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