Photos | Kathy Toth – 1990’s Toronto Graffiti

KTOTH_THUMB Kathy Toth posted some mid-90's photo gems of some Toronto Graffiti this past month on her website. Similar to myself, she became first interested in photography by taking photos of graffiti back in the 1990's. Granted, from the looks of things, she's been taking photos a bit longer than I, as she's posted some from 20+ years ago! Impressive to say the least. Hard to believe it's been that long.... For some, these photos might be a trip down memory lane. For others, these photos might all be fresh and "new". I personally found the post to be a blast from the past. I hope you enjoy it as much as myself, as all of these photos represent a piece of Canadian graffiti history. -Sneak Be sure to check out the rest of the photos HERE. KTOTH_CASE (Photos: Recka & Daser Case courtesy of Kathy Toth)

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