has been cataloging graffiti and street art media from Canada and around the world Since 1997. Now based in Ottawa, Canada, the website continues to act as a news roll and historical hub for graffiti writers and their fans. With a large commercial spotlight on graffiti these days, we believe Keepsix serves the writers first and foremost.

Keepsix specializes in mural walls from around Ottawa, as well as a solid benching resource of freight train graffiti from the late 90s to mid 2000’s. Both Myke and Sneak of AS crew bring over two decades of painting and documenting experience, and are working on developing Keepsix into a solid educational resource for graffiti art fans everywhere.

We may be old school in terms of posting constant content on social media, but we do have feeds you can follow in our site footer below. We must also point out that this website has no connection to Keep6 SDK in Vancouver aside from posting some of his art in our updates.