Expression Graffiti – TFO Video Documentary

Expression Graffiti documentary series originally broadcast on TFO, which documents the ideas of graffiti art and vandalism in Canada. While the dialogue and subtitles are in french, there are english interviews with writers, city officials and community advocates. Check their youtube channel for full episodes, the trailer is below.

Myke AS – Time lapse Video sketches

Here’s a few of the videos I’ve been posting to youtube lately. I’ve got my webcam rigged above my sketchbook to bring you into a little bit of the process behind the style that I create. Please comment and share in your social feeds and I’ll keep making more videos, enjoy! Mike

R.I.P. “Nekst”

Another prominent member of our culture has left us too soon. Nekst was the type of writer I would like to be if I were still active today. He like too few others kept the spirit of bombing alive in the almost forgotten rebellious , balls to the wall, illegal fashion that the culture was […]

Grominate Interview – Senses Lost

Senses Lost recently caught up with the Calgary-based graffiti artist Grominate to do an interview. In the interview he talks about how he first started doing graffiti and what inspires him to create his elaborate characters. Read the full interview below. Who are you and what do you do? Grominate & Graffiti Art. How long […]

Regina Lane Community Mural – September 2012

First off, I want to apologize for the lateness of this post. 🙁 I meant to make this post a few months ago, as the mural was completed in September. Alas, I got caught up with other things. Anyways, here are the finished pictures of the mural. I think it turned out awesome. 🙂 These […]

Sneak’s December 2012 Update – Part 1

Hard to believe it’s already December, and there is now snow on the ground. Seems like it happened overnight! Anyways, I suppose it’s the nature of the beast, living in Canada. Nothing new there. I’ll hopefully continue to get out and about to snap some photos, regardless of the weather, so be sure to check […]

Some Toronto graffiti permitted to stay

The Canadian Press Published Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 10:13AM EDT TORONTO — Some Toronto business owners have won approval to keep colourful street art on their buildings under the city’s new graffiti management plan. Toronto’s graffiti panel has decided to allow the murals on private properties along Queen Street West, College Street, Vanauley Street and […]