Video | Utah & Ether – RIDE (2013)

This is an exclusive snippet from a video installation documenting the artistic process for the series entitled Ride (2013). This series is comprised of works that focus on the interaction between graffiti on the metro and those who ride the metro. The works in this series were created by temporarily applying several metal shapes to […]

Bizarre Beyond Belief – Issue 11

Meant to post this one up earlier, which features a good friend of KeepSix.Com’s – the one and only Agen, of the ABM crew. One of Ottawa’s finest. Also featured in the magazine are: Zeus40 of Wildboys, XRay, ANSER, Dick Cherry, Mikael B/KetsOne, an article about 5 Pointz, Trevor Wheatley’s NIKE project and Augustine Kofie. […]

7th Letter – The Detroit Beautification Project. Chapter 1

Spotted over at The 7th Letter’s Vimeo Chapter 1 of The Detroit Beautification Project, starring Revok, Wane, Pose, Ces, Dmote, Nekst amongst others.  Check it out: The Detroit Beautification Project assembled artist’s from around the globe. With the the common goal to bring vibrancy back to one of America’s greatest cities. -Presented By Montana Cans, […]

Christmas Graffiti Photos

Since it’s the season… We here at KeepSix.Com would like to wish you all and your families Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. In the spirit of the holidays, I figured I’d randomly poke around on the internet and see what kind of photos I could find. Christmas styles. 🙂 Enjoy… Play […]

Video: Tracing Skylines – Detroit

Spotted over at 12oz Prophet Urban Skiing in abandoned Detroit buildings – schools, warehouses, etc.  Pretty interesting video.  Truckloads of snow, bungee cords, and graffiti all around – check it out: This footage of urban skiing in Detroit is a part from the new video Tracing Skylines, presented by Red Bull Media House in association […]

Sneak’s December 2013 Pic Update – Part 1

A little late with the first update of December 2013, but better late than never. Hope you’re all staying warm out there, as it continues to be frigid.  These 35 photos are obviously from when it was much warmer outside. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, all that stuff.  I’ll hopefully get another photo update posted before […]

5points – RIP – Photos

Source: This article was originally posted by rak4life on 12oz Prophet       Photo Credits: rbreve, beninanutshell, Eguchi Shintaro       Today marks a page in the graffiti history books, one of the few places an artist can paint legally is buffed and slated to be knocked down. 5 pointz, once called the […]

Invader Invades New York City – 2013 Edition (Part II)

After Part I, here comes the second instalment from Invader’s adventures in New York City. In town for a new wave of invasions, the elusive French Street Artist recently dropped a new batch of mosaics for the New-Yorkers to enjoy. Approxmately 25 new pieces were installed in the last two weeks. Source: StreetArtNews