Video | Up Here Kids

The Up Here Kids is a glimpse into Tennessee’s graffiti culture. 35 minutes of footage featuring interviews, bombing, freights and walls. Check it out.

Bench Report

It seems like forever and a minute, but I was able to get out with a rail fan buddy of mine to snap some pics.  There isn’t much for rolling stock in our parts these days, but we were able to catch a few different lines.   For me it was nice to get out […]

Video | TCI Crew – “Yard Master USA Road Trip”

A month or so ago we posted the teaser video, but this post is regarding the full length video. It features the well known TCI crew, and has some great footage of some of their freight work. Presented by Ironlak films, and shot by Selina Miles, be sure to check out the results of their […]

Article | FREIGHTS – A Film by Patrick O’Connor

Words by Elzbieta Chmiel During an evening commute a car stops and waits at a railroad crossing. A light flashes red. A bell dings loudly. A train rushes by. Blurs of colours whiz past. After a moment, the crossing bar is raised and the car drives away, just like every other day.But the train keeps […]

Video | The Brain Dead Presents The Burn Episode 10

Burn – Episode 10 from The Braindead on Vimeo. The Brain Dead recently dropped Episode 10 of their Burn series. Featuring great rolling stock footage of freight kings such as Hbak, Hindue, Mecro, etc it also features Oter, Alamo, and friends getting down on some steel. A great watch for any rail fan! Source: Juxtapoz