Photos | House of PainT 2018 Final Pieces

Here are the final photos from the 2018 edition of House of PainT, now that all the scaffolding has been removed for another year. It seems like it was another successful year with lots of great art, break-dancing, good people, good music, and of course, good times. A big thanks go out to the many […]

Photos | House of PainT Jam 2015 – Event Photos

Here are about 30 photos from the 12th annual House of PainT event from this past weekend in Ottawa, Ontario. From the looks of things, it was another success. Breakdancing, Graffiti, Music, Food, and most of all – good times. A big shout-out to all the event organizers, and to all the volunteers that put […]

Event | House of Paint 2015

Kind of last minute on this. :/ Better late than never. The annual House of PainT (main event) graffiti jam is happening this SATURDAY Sept. 12th. Featuring all day with music performances, a variety of children’s activities and workshops, and concession stands selling art, clothes, crafts and food. Beer will be provided by Broadhead Beer. […]

Photos | Meeting of Styles 2014 – Chicago

Looks like the jam in Crawford went down without a hitch this year. Having to make up for last year’s rain, Chicago didn’t disappoint. Nothing but sun and paint, made for a great event that brought a lot of people out to the Crawford Walls. Here is a sampling of some of the photos from […]

Photos | House of Paint 2014 Final Pieces – No Scaffolding

KeepSix.Com got word that the scaffolding was coming down, so you know we had to deliver our visitors the goods first. As a follow up to our previous post, here is another update with photos of the finished pieces from the House of PainT jam that happened this past weekend under Dunbar Bridge in Ottawa, […]

Photos | House of PainT 2014 Event

Here are about 30 photos from the House of PainT event from this past weekend. From the looks of things, it was another success. Big shout-out to Ottawa’s own Broadhead Beer who provided the suds for a second year straight, and of course huge shout-outs to all the event organizers, and the volunteers that put […]

House of PainT X 2013 – Tech Edition – Finished Pieces

Hey Everybody, Sorry it’s taken me so long to get these photos up online.  I’ve had a busy two weeks following House of Paint X 2013.   Thankfully, finally, the dust has started to clear, so I managed to get another photo update finished up.  Props to all that showed up to this impromptu event.   🙂  […]