Graffiti DVD | Nothing Special (Aper VC,TRG)

APER just launched his new clean-train graffiti DVD called “Nothing Special”. If you’re aware of this man’s work, you already know this DVD is action packed with crazy commuter train footage! The DVD features footage compiled from the last 5 years as APER travels around the world painting various commuter systems. Check out the trailer […]

Video | Aper & Tibak in Santiago De Chile

As you probably already know, the Santiago de Chile metro is one of the most difficult systems in South America, due to its sophisticated surveillance and its guards’ perseverance in its safekeeping. But for many writers such as Aper, difficulties are but challenges to overcome in the obstacle-filled race of graffiti on metros. The most […]

Video | KLOPS and Fresh Paint Get Down in Their Second Video

Oink Art released their second video with Klops bombing hard with Fresh Paint. This is a solid 15 minutes of street bombing, set to some great tunes. Watch Klops paint throughout New York City and Oakland with special appearances from Sefu, Pemex, Sory, and Noxer. If you haven’t seen Klops and Fresh Paint’s first video […]

Video | Remio Bombs the West Coast

A short three minute video featuring REMIO doing what he’s known for, bombing. Filled with hollows, quick pieces, tags and his famous character, REMIO provides us a quick glimpse into his life as a writer. Filmed by BazookaFilms77