Video | Classy Bastards 2

This sequel promises 24 minutes of grimey street bombing, bathtubs full of paint, beers, drugs and fire-extinguishers… If that sounds up your alley (pun intended), be sure to check out this video. Featuring writers: Mercie, Funk, Hyke, Eksel, Kwen, Theme, Jaker and many more: For further debauchery, be sure to check out Classy Bastards Part […]

Video | Apashe – PK Autos Production

Looks like another Montreal wall getting blessed by another mural. Skor and Apashe, with the assistance of Narc, Shok, Kemt and Five8, went to town on a huge wall over at PK Autos with an automobile-themed production. From the looks of the video, it turned out nice. Be sure to check out Apashe’s official website […]

Article | Interview with Monk.E

By Melanie for UnderPressure Origins of the artist’s name When Monk.E first discovered the hip hop and graffiti worlds in the 90’s, choosing a name quickly became a necessity. At the time, many artists who had the letter O in their names were replacing them with characters which he thought was quite an interesting way […]

Video | Five8 & Omen

Looks like Five8 and Omen are at it again. It appears to be another random abandoned building spot. Check the video to check out the action, and the final result:

Photos | A’shop & Monk-e Mural

Monk.E and A’shop linked up recently for a soccer themed mural in Montreal. You can find it in Louisbourg Parc, in the northern part of Montreal, and was created to honour the strong soccer tradition among the community youths.   Spotted over at A’Shop