Video | JARUS & TREZE – Barcelona Mural

The alliance forged between Young Jarus and Treze during the Canadian’s visit to Barcelona left behind more than just the interior “testing” they did with MTN Water Based 300. The two graffiti artists mixed their styles and different types of paint (Water Based and 94) in order to complete a mural located in Sabadell, a […]

Photos | Shepard Fairey – New Mural in Detroit

The infamous Shepard Fairey is out in Detroit right now getting busy on his largest mural to date and possibly the largest painting in the city of Detroit. Measuring a whopping 60 x 184 feet the piece sits on the back of the Bedrock building in Detroit’s Campus Martius. Spotted over at bizarrebeyondbelief

Photos | Nychos – Dissection Of A Polar Bear

Master surgeon Nychos is back in Vienna, Austria where he spent the last few days working on a gigantic 5-story piece entitled “Dissection Of A Polar Bear”. As usual with the Austrian street artist, he is mainly working with anatomic elements, dissecting cartoon-like characters, animals or dinosaurs to show his interpretation of their insides. Photo […]

Mural | El Mac and Kofie collaborate in LA

El Mac is back in California where he just finished on a new collaboration with Kofie. Painting on the streets of Los Angeles, the American duo quickly worked their way through this beautiful and vibrant piece which is now featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery. Originally Posted over at Street Art News

Article | Slain Barrhaven teen Michael Swan memorialized in graffiti

Article Written by Gary Dimmock of the Ottawa Citizen Graffiti artist Drone and his girlfriend worked for 10 nights to create this tribute to slain Barrhaven teen Michael Swan. Under the bridge on Highway 416, where it crosses the Jock River in Barrhaven, graffiti artist Drone and his girlfriend worked under cover of darkness for […]