Video | KLOPS and Fresh Paint Get Down in Their Second Video

Oink Art released their second video with Klops bombing hard with Fresh Paint. This is a solid 15 minutes of street bombing, set to some great tunes. Watch Klops paint throughout New York City and Oakland with special appearances from Sefu, Pemex, Sory, and Noxer. If you haven’t seen Klops and Fresh Paint’s first video […]

Video | Element Tree Presents: MAST

A new video by Element Tree featuring New York graffiti writer “Mast”. The video features MAST painting letters as well as an eye-popping skeleton character on a skateboard grinding the edge of his ‘T’. He painted the character based on all the 80’s and early 90’s skateboard art which was perfect being that he was […]

Video | Taki 183 – Father Of Graffiti

One of NYC’s most well known taggers from back in the day, Taki 183, the legendary father of the graffiti movement in the United States, travels back in time and tells his story to New Greek TV. Back in 1971, The New York Times ran an article about him on the front page of its […]

Documentary | HBO: Banksy Does New York

The documentary takes place in October 2013 in New York, where the elusive British street artist Banksy spent 31 days in the city creating and displaying his singular works of art (one exhibit a day in an unannounced location). The excitement of that time is captured in “Banksy Does New York”. Directed by Chris Moukarbel […]

News | “Style Wars” Documentary Reissued On Blu-Ray

The HD reissue of the 1983 documentary features more than an hour of never-before-seen footage. A Blu-ray reissue of the iconic 1983 documentary Style Wars was released for the first time earlier this week. In addition to original footage documenting the early ‘80s graffiti scene, the reissue features nearly an hour of previously unreleased outtakes […]

Article | Is New York’s Latest Graffiti Crackdown Backfiring?

By John Surico For Vice 5Pointz, a graffiti Mecca in Queens, which is now no more. (Photo via Flickr user Sauvage Ocèane) In 1994, ten months after winning the New York City mayor’s office for the first time, Rudy Giuliani stood in front of news cameras and announced the newest target of his “broken windows” […]

Photos | Summer Burners In Brooklyn

The ever changing legal walls on Siegel and White Streets — along the often disputed borders of Bushwick and Williamsburg in Brooklyn — have undergone another round of painting, featuring elaborate new burners by graffiti artists VOR, SEBS, EWOK, GIZ, DUEL, and LOGEK, among others. This latest round of work was sponsored by Evolve spray […]