Video | Up Here Kids

The Up Here Kids is a glimpse into Tennessee’s graffiti culture. 35 minutes of footage featuring interviews, bombing, freights and walls. Check it out.

Article | ‘Mousetrap’ can detect when graffiti vandals are tagging trains

Triggers closed-circuit TVs, provides information to transportation police New technology that can detect when graffiti vandals are tagging train cars is being heralded in Australia as a major breakthrough in crime prevention. The electronic sensor, called a “mousetrap,” has been tested across the network and has so far led to the arrest of 30 people. […]

Drones patrolling German train yards for writers

  Saw this artilcle recently online.    I figured it’d only be a matter of time before railways and municipal governments issue drones to combat vandalism.  Personally I think its a waste of tax dollars, but may ultimately cut down staffing costs for guards.  Being pro graffiti and against government acting like over protective religion […]