Article | ‘Mousetrap’ can detect when graffiti vandals are tagging trains

Triggers closed-circuit TVs, provides information to transportation police New technology that can detect when graffiti vandals are tagging train cars is being heralded in Australia as a major breakthrough in crime prevention. The electronic sensor, called a “mousetrap,” has been tested across the network and has so far led to the arrest of 30 people. […]

Donate | “Take5 Mobility Drive”

Canadian legend Take5 has a online fund-raising campaign to help him purchase a van for his ongoing quest for ultimate independence. Looks like he’s got his eye on a pretty sweet vintage conversion-van: Please spread the word, and read more about Take5’s story, and the campaign here – Be sure to donate below: Spotted […]

Video | FINO Paints The MOLOTOW™ Train

When talking about Graffiti in Berlin, an artist you really should know is FINO. With more than 25 years of experience painting graffiti, FINO was recently invited to paint the MOLOTOW Train. Be sure to check out the video. If you liked this post, you may like when MadC painted the MOLOTOW Train. Spotted over […]